Korslund Chapel


Created for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Eagle Grove, Iowa this stunning 8-foot by 4 foot panel became a very personal expression for Mrs. Korslund in dedication to her late husband. Living within a rural community Mrs. Korslund, and her congregation, were searching for a design that reflected their rural way of life. Dissatisfied with standard designs offered by the architect, they chose stories and motifs from the bible that communicated themes such as “The Good Seed”, a tree of life, a river, wheat, corn, grapes and doves. As a solution, Sharon offered a series of seven small-scale “idea” sketches that wove these elements together in different ways. By studying the final eighth sketch one can see that Mrs. Korslund actually chose sections from three of the idea sketches and then these were translated into the final design. The window was actually five separate copper foil panels that fit within a larger steel structure that eliminated the necessity for bracing rods that might have disrupted the visual harmony of the entire work.
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