Design Process


The design process for a stained glass project typically involves several steps, including visiting the site of the prospective project. discussing the design possibilities and reviewing a portfolio of previous work. The initial meeting is the basis for producing design idea sketches, which are 3 or 4 small scale rough drawings exploring possible options for the finished work. If the piece relates architecturally to the home, in the case of a transom window, Sharon specializes in relating the window to the architectural style of the building to what ever degree is desired. Sometimes a subtle architectural reference can anchor a window with a more modern or eclectic feel, fusing the best of both worlds.

The second meeting gives the client an opportunity to review these sketches and choose one or a combination of elements taken from the 3 or 4 possibilities presented. There is usually a charge of about 100.00 per window for the design idea sketches. This can vary depending on complexity and amount or research included. A rough estimate of cost to produce the windows is determined at this point. The final price can be affected by the final actual complexity in the full-scale layout, and choices of types of glass used. The design can be kept simpler as requested.

At the third meeting a full-scale layout is provided and viewed. This delineates every piece that will comprise the final project. As it is in pencil, it can still be modified if needed. A color palette and types of glass to be used are also discussed. Samples of glass types and colors are viewed and chosen. A estimate of cost is also given and upon final approval of layout, a deposit of one-half of the entire cost of project, actual production begins. Delivery and installation can also be provided as a separate agreement. These are separate services with a separate charge and one or both can be provided.

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