Redlight Spire


Jerry Kliener , the local restaurateur responsible for restaurants such as Carnival, Opera, Marche, commissioned Opal Glass to create a 30 ft, steel frame red glass beacon fabricated in 6 sections for his restaurant, Red Light. One of the sections was too large to fit through the 4 ft industrial doors so it needed to be produced outside the studio. Upon consideration of the concept supplied by the owner, Sharon recommended using translucent red Plexiglass as opposed to actual glass for safety as well as weight and bonding issues. Through her extensive research she found a caulking product that was a sealant and etched into the surface of the Plexiglass for better long-term outdoor bonding. She also created awnings and heat-treated Plexi forms for additional exterior and interior lights. The site specific solutions offered by Opal Glass ensured that the project would maintain safety standards as well as be completed on schedule and well within the budget.
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